This year's National Alumni Association Board of Trustees election is for the two-year term 2021 to 2023. Following are the nominees:

  • Michael A. Casas - Southern Mindanao Campus, Batch 2006 more info
  • John Von Wernher C. Dela Cruz - Main Campus, Batch 2006 more info
  • Lewey T. Jimoya - Central Mindanao Campus, Batch 2007 more info
  • Andrei Lorenzo V. Salta - Central Luzon Campus, Batch 2014 more info
  • Darby E. Santiago - Main Campus, Batch 1987 more info
  • Maria Virginia M. Torres - Main Campus, Batch 2001 more info
  • Pablo D. Yambot - Main Campus, Batch 1990 more info
  • Axel Byon R. Sy Cao Yao - Main Campus, Batch 2007 more info

Any PSHS Alumni with an active membership in the National Alumni Association may cast a vote. Emails will be sent with further instructions.